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Would you like to use TikTok for business purposes? If so, read this article about 5 brand booster tips to promote your business using TikTok!

How comes that everyone is going crazy for TikTok?! If it used to be a video social network for the young ones, the platform has become really popular among a wide range of ages.

Are you a Tiktoker too? If not, you might be missing an interesting source of new contacts!


Let’s start from the basics. What TikTok actually is?

TikTok is a popular social media app that allows users to create, watch and share short videos on cell phones where everyone can upload videos for up to 60 seconds (15-second video shots are the most common). With its personalized feeds of quirky short videos set to music and sound effects, the app is notable for its addictive quality and high levels of engagement (read this article to learn how to create stunning promotional videos without skills).

Moreover, amateur and professional creators alike can add effects like filters, background music, and stickers to their videos, and can collaborate on content and create split-screen duet videos even if they’re in different locations!

Above all, TikTok has also incredible video editing features which you may use to create videos to promote your business. Ask yourself, can you show your product in action? Can you explain in an engaging way the characteristics of your products or services? Can you show how your service is done, even just part of it?

If so, your business might benefit from using TikTok! Keep on reading and you will get to know a few interesting ways to use TikTok for business owners to promote their brand.

TikTok for business


Hashtags, represented by the symbol #, are widely used on microblogging and photo-sharing services such as Twitter and Instagram as a form of user-generated tagging that enables cross-referencing of content sharing a subject or theme.

Similarly, TikTok utilizes hashtags as well and using them wisely is one of the ways one has to let his content be visible to other users who are interested in the related topic.

For instance, let’s pretend we are trying to promote a yoga class in London. In this case, we would use hashtags such as #yoga, #yogaclasses or #yogainlondon to get to the right audience’s news feed.

In addition, you may also use hashtags as #fyp #foryou or #foryoupage to let TikTok decide who to direct your content to according to its algorithm.



If you are not having the success you expected from TikTok with your market niche, don’t worry, you can still benefit from using the app.

If you have already used the app you may have noticed that you can enable your uploads to be saved in your phone gallery. In this way, you may easily use the videos you have previously created using the amazing built-in video making features of TikTok to share engaging content elsewhere and boost your social network accounts such as Facebook or Instagram.

The videos will be exported in 720 p resolution which is a format allowed in virtually any platform.

Moreover, you won’t need expensive tools or pre-existing materials to create entertaining video contents to share!


Every once in a while, TikTok comes out with new features to make your videos even more engaging and, as in the case of the duet function, to connect more creators together to create viral contents.

In short, to “duet” with someone means to publish a video that is compared to the video from another user. The watcher will see the screen split into two parts with your video on one side and the other creator’s video on the other.

Most importantly, TikTok prioritizes duets compared to classic uploads. Thus, if your video is really better than your rival’s one you can easily gain tons of views and followers!


As for the duet feature, TikTok usually prizes creators who choose to explore new ways to create video contents using the new features released in the app every now and then with more visibility.

Therefore, try to be creative and test each function so that TikTok’s algorithm may help you out letting you have more viewers!

Who knows… You might end up finding out interesting functions to use in your video editing.


Spammers are unwanted and banned all over the world, and TikTok’s world is no exception!

You may be wondering how one can spam on TikTok… Well, there is a simple way that anyone can use to get more followers (not even too many…) through which you would be flagged as a spammer.

This way is called follow-for-follow. In short, if you follow hundreds of accounts you are likely going to be followed back by a few of them. After that, you can easily unfollow them to go back to baseline with a few more followers than before.

In the same vein, another way is to follow famous Tiktokers to gain a few of their followers as people love to give their follow to VIP’s “friends” too.

That is to say, these two methods are really good ways to get your account blocked for spammy activities which violate the app rules.


To conclude, If you wish to boost your sales using TikTok or other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, Cavendish Media’s experts are here to work alongside you and let your sales skyrocket. Get in touch!

We hope you have enjoyed this article about TikTok for business and learnt new ways to promote your brand using this amazing social network. Once you have tried them, let us know in the comment!

Cavendish Media’s Team