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Beat your competitors and get more sales with brand specialisation! In this article, you will find a few tips on how to “specialise” your brand and let your business take off.


Welcome back dear readers to our blog with another article that contains information that, if used properly, can be a game-changer for your business.

In particular, we will see how you can get more sales with brand specialisation!

We are already sure that you are already specialized in a certain niche of the market and that you are trying to market your product or services to specific categories of people.

However, if the results you harvest are not actually proportioned to the efforts you spend to sow, your business still might lack “specialisation”.

What does this mean? How can you be even more “specialized” in your sector in order to overcome this obstacle?

Keep reading and find it out!



Look at this website


Understanding what they do is a no-brainer… why is that?

Obviously, that’s because they are DAMN SPECIFIC!

There is really no need for explanation, they are photographers but, rather than just specializing in services all the other competitors are able to emulate, they have chosen to be even more specific.

For example, picture this scenario.

You need to launch a new liquor on the market and shoot a few nice photos of the product.

Naturally, you know full well that the way the product is presented to the public has vital importance on whether the project will be a success or a failure.

Therefore, you know these photos must be as great as they possibly can be.

Given that, would you give the job to the company mentioned earlier or to the photographer next door? Who do you think would do a better job, or else… who do you think is more SPECIALISED to do it?

get more sales with brand specialisation


We can’t be 100% sure that the photographer next door would not do a better job, no one can unless you try both!

However, since everyone cares about his own budget, people tend to choose options that guarantee the best result possible from their point of view, as long as they can afford it.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the specialised company is, or at least seems to be, a better option to get a reliable and valid end result in one single shot without going through multiple exhausting and expensive trials!

Again, no one is guaranteeing a better job but, can you blame people to think this way?



Although your brand may already have a niche that it is operating and trying to be known in, this doesn’t mean you can’t narrow your audience to be more effective on smaller fractions of the market.

In fact, just as these people did with their photography business, you can get more sales with brand specialisation too!

Specialising in a particularly small niche of the market will make the public look at you like an exclusive and unique brand. People will most probably be brought to think that you know what you are doing and that what you provide is totally on another level.

Your competitors will be outmatched before they could even try to compete!

Will this manoeuvre give the idea that you are more expensive than others? Well… it might be. Given your specialisation in your niche, you will be able to ask for a higher price and this would be completely justified in the minds of potential customers.

Higher price, best results. Lower price, worst results. It has always been like this in the market!

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t tweak prices and let yourself be known as a highly-specialised business with competitive rates.

So, ask yourself, can you offer very specific products or services that would differ from the common proposals and make you stand out from competitors?


Specialising your services can be a winning strategy to reach new market micro-segments, this doesn’t mean that you must give up on other markets though!

You just have to “specialise” in every product or service you provide by splitting into different market lines so that the customer won’t know that you provide other services apart from what they are looking for unless they do a deep search.

To do so, you can create different marketing campaigns, different social pages, different websites and sometimes even different brands to be able to control more market segments without losing effectiveness and credibility.


Thanks for reading! If you would like to know other useful strategies to boost your business, we invite you to have a look at the article: Marketing Strategies That Work – Top 5!

In conclusion, we can help you by creating specific campaigns for each market segment and support you in specialising your brand to be more effective with your audience.

Therefore, if you wish to get more sales with brand specialisation, get in touch!


Cavendish Media’s Team