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Best Website Builders in 2022

What better way to kick-start your business than creating a brand new website? Here you’ll find the best website builders in 2022, either for websites and online stores!

Welcome to 2022!

We are sure that, if you are reading this article, you have big plans in mind for this year, isn’t it?

Whether your goal is simply to make a living or create a thriving business that will take over your market niche crashing competitors like you were in a Monopoly game…

Everything starts from a common baseline, the foundation of a modern business, the website!

Now, there are several options nowadays when it comes to website building. How can you choose the right one among the best website builders available on the market?

Firstly, it might seem obvious, but you need to know where you are heading if you really want to reach your destination, and this is especially true when choosing a website builder.



E-commerce or not?

First and foremost, are you building a simple website or an e-commerce website? This factor should condition your choice right from the beginning.

There are multiple options out there if you want to create an e-commerce website to sell your products online, to avoid making confusion though, if this is your goal you should go straight to consider using Shopify as your e-commerce builder.

Shopify is an easy-to-use e-commerce builder affordable for many, which allows you to create your virtual store window simply by dragging and dropping elements and loading products and catalogues right into your website from third-parties dropshipping providers.

On the other hand, if you still wish to have an e-commerce website but implemented with a very wide range of standard features such as blog, member login, various plug-ins together with a high level of personalisation, WIX or Squarespace may be a better option for you.

Although adding products and keeping the stock updated might be trickier with WIX AND Squarespace and Shopify has a few of these aforementioned features, it definitely lacks the personalisation features available with the other two competitors.


User login area

If creating a personal area for each user so that he may log in and enjoy personalised contents is your goal, you will be happy to know that the best website builders out there boast this option.

Among these, we find the aforementioned WIX and Squarespace, but you may achieve a better goal using WordPress given its wide variety of plug-ins available.

However, if this is your first or one of your first websites, using WordPress may be way too complicated for a novice and you might end up not being satisfied with the result.

On the contrary, Wix is surely more user-friendly and allows private login areas through the website plus an additional membership using the app Spaces by Wix.


SEO Friendly-website builders

Although every website builder available has some sort of SEO settings, not every one of them can bring you up to the first SEO ranks.

In short, to go straight to the point, we suggest using WIX or WordPress in order to achieve appreciable results.

Both of them are really good for SEO and the main difference between the two stands in the fact that WordPress boast powerful SEO tools such as Yoast Seo and several other plugins with which you can do just about everything, while WIX has slightly fewer options in the overall but still very effective and much simpler to use.


Technical Skills Required

As mentioned earlier, not every website builder is easy to use for beginners and if you don’t want to waste money on something you can’t use, you should consider the technical level required too.

WordPress is probably the most complete solution when it comes to website building, but we don’t feel like suggesting it to inexperienced users as they will be really facing a bad time!

If you generally know how to use a computer, you should have no big problems in using Wix, Squarespace or Bitrix24 since all of them are highly customizable and easy to use with drag-and-drop functions.

However, if using a computer isn’t exactly a piece of cake for you, you may opt for very basic solutions such as Webador or JImdo.

These are less customisable and have fewer options in terms of SEO, navigation, e-commerce features and a variety of available elements, but they at least are ridiculously easy to use!

Best Website Builders in 2022


While the price may be secondary to performance for some people, others will keep it in high consideration instead, especially when the budget is limited… nothing to be ashamed of!

Especially if you have chosen to open an e-commerce website it will cost you slightly more, let’s consider together the starting prices of each one of the best website builders mentioned earlier starting with the cheapest ones.

The cheapest solutions which have also slightly limited customization options and features are Webador and Jimdo, with a starting price of 12$ and 15$ monthly respectively and 19$ in case of an online store with the basic requirements with Jimdo.

Webador, which is actually the most convenient one, allows you to try the full service for the first 3 months almost for free, while Jimdo gives you for free a limited version with one of their domains.

After that, at the medium expense level, we can find Wix, Squarespace with a starting price of 14 $ and 16$ for a website and 23$ and 30$ per month for an online store.

Moreover, we can add Shopify on the same level as it has a starting price of 29$ for a full online store.

When it comes to trying the service, you can expect a 14-day free trial for either Shopify and Squarespace and a free version for Wix with their own domain.

In conclusion, Bitrix24 won the prize as the most expensive of the mentioned solution with a starting price of 39$ per month, this is because it integrates several features for businesses such as a complete CRM and other business-related features accessible for multiple users. Bitrix24 too boast a free limited version in case you want to try the builder.

For what concerns WordPress, it is a separate case as the price spent for one-time fees and monthly fees for WordPress may vary remarkably according to themes, add-ons and builders used to create the website.

However, if we talk about a DIY website, you can expect an average expense of 50 to 300$ for one-time fees and roughly 10$ to 30$ as monthly fees.


Or else… Leave the job to us!

To conclude, although there are several ways to do a DIY website out there, Cavendish Media can help you by doing the job for you and creating a website or e-commerce that seamlessly integrates with your digital marketing strategies, social networks and communication channels!

This would enable you to turn your brand new website, available in the main languages, into a perfect and effective machine to convert potential customers into actual buyers or clients.

If you wish to learn more you may check out the service Website Building and Translation, or else just get in touch here!


Cavendish Media’s Team