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In this article, we will be talking about 5 of the best Video Conferencing Software you should be using for your online events and meetings. So, Let’s get it started!


Especially these days, online meeting software are really dominating the scene!

We all use this stuff to get in touch with our relatives and friends, to join company meetings and to attend other kinds of online events.

If you are reading this article, most probably you are looking for the best video conferencing software to use for some kind of project of yours

…if so, you are in the right place!


You may be wondering why we are discussing video conferencing platforms in a blog that usually handles marketing-related topics.

Video communications with your customers or potential ones may be a part of your marketing strategy in order to keep a communication channel open with your audience.

Therefore, if you still have not tried to organise online meetings or events and integrated them into your marketing strategy, this might be a new successful way to achieve your business and marketing goals!



Having said that, we shall distinguish two different types of strategies:

Regular events:

events held on a regular basis, usually scheduled on the same days every week, to achieve constant and lasting participation.

You may opt for regular events to give regular updates, experiences and tips to the audience who is currently using your product or service.

Above all, these are especially useful in case you have plenty of free contents you want to share with your customers.

Extraordinary events: 

If the number of free contents you want to share is too limited for regular updates, or if you want to give more emphasis to your organised event, you may opt for an extraordinary online event instead.

For example, this might be a webinar, an important detailed update, or the launch on the market of a new product, service or project.

Now, let’s cut to the chase and go straight to the action!

Here are below the best video conferencing software currently available for free:

best video conferencing software

ZOOM – The Best Video Conferencing Software

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing platform for video conferencing meetings, audio conferencing, webinars, meeting recordings, and live chat.

Certainly, Zoom is the most popular video conferencing solution for privates and companies, boasting 300 million daily meeting participants with an increase of 2900% since December 2019 when daily meeting participants were only 10 million.


A basic meeting can have up to 300 participants while a Large Meeting option for up to 500 participants is available.

Each participant can enable his camera in the case he wants to be seen by the other attendants. Engaging with others is as simple as switching on the mic to start speaking or using the chat feature.

Moreover, the host or a co-host is able to share his screen or video, images and audio contents with all the participants in just a few clicks.

In addition, the meeting can be open to anyone or limited by activating a waiting room and admitting just the users you wish to let in.

Most importantly, Zoom meetings are even customisable with personalised links and your brand’s logo to give your audience a professional and well-organised view of your company.


In short, these functions, together with excellent stability, various appearance and background features and tools such as the pool or the “raise hand” functions, make of ZOOM the best video conferencing software from many points of view.


GOOGLE MEET – A Worthy Rivel in Video Conferencing

Google Meet is well integrated with other Google apps, simple to use and pretty much stable, therefore it stands out compared to other similar apps.

However, the quantity of features available isn’t even close to Zoom’s and it seems less suited for large meetings and organised events compared to its rival.


SKYPE FOR BUSINESS – More likely a “Plan B” Software 

Skype is definitely a complete and one of the most widespread platforms for web meetings.

Nevertheless, when it comes to marketing events, you have to consider that all must have Skype installed, a thing that you may avoid with Zoom and Google Meet.

Moreover, the program has the bad fame of freezing up at times, which is not convenient if you are handling clients.


FACEBOOK ROOMS – The Social Video Conferencing

Especially if your audience is on Facebook, the recently developed Facebook Rooms may be a good choice for your marketing as you can easily invite your friends or let people in using an access link.

At the moment though, it still lacks features useful for big meetings such as easy ways to share contents and the possibility to highlight the host or other key participants.

On the other hand, the fact that you use an important Social Network such as Facebook gives you visibility.

However, it might be better to use it for smaller gatherings to avoid the meeting being too messy.



Along the same line, Cisco Webex Meeting App is worthy to be on our list and might be a good choice to evaluate.

Based on consumers feedback though, Webex requires a more lengthy registration and check-in process compared to Zoom and it seems less user-friendly.

It is more likely to be found as means of communication in companies to host the personnel’s meetings.


In conclusion, here we have discussed only the best video conferencing software to use for you video calls, meetings and marketing events to promote your brand and Zoom is definitely the top one from our point of view.

Moreover, if you would like to include these tools into your marketing strategies with ease and have a guide to boost your sales and brand awareness just get in touch and we will be glad to help you out!


Cavendish Media’s Team