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Based on location and target audience, our Legal and Public Notice Advertising service consists of finding the most suitable and cost-effective media solutions to advertise statutory and non-statutory notices on behalf of Public bodies, law firms, individuals or private companies. These are proofread before publication to ensure accuracy and compliance with the legislation.

At Cavendish Media, you’ll find a team of editors and graphic designers at hand ready to set your notice in the most cost-efficient way. We can offer competitive rates on a comprehensive range of legal and public notice advertising services, to name a few:

• Planning Applications 

• Licence Applications and Licensing Acts 

• Invitation to tender 

• Will and Probate Notices, Missing Beneficiary Notices and Missing Will Notices 

• Corporate Insolvency Notices and Personal Insolvency Notices 

• Company Administrations and Liquidations 

• Gambling Act Notices 

• Goods Vehicle Operators Licence Notices 

• Government Contracts 

• Court Hearings 

• Trustee Act 1925 Notices

• Section 27 deceased Estates

Our service also includes media planning and media buying at advantageous rates and times, this is because we have worked hard to build relationships with important newspapers across the country, locally and nationally. 

Our approach is very direct: according to the territory you need to cover and your specific advertising needs we can advise you on what media and sizes the advertisement should be to reach the proper audience and to get the message across in a cost-effective manner.

legal and public notice advertising

Send us a quotation request and a dedicated account manager will respond to your enquiries as soon as possible and will provide 360° assistance, including the following Free Of Charge services:

 • Media Research 

 • Proof reading 

 • Advert set up 

 • Media Booking 

 • Publication/Advertising 

 • Digital or print voucher collection


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