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DEM Direct Email Marketing service allows you to reach your audience with bespoken email messages, nurture their interest over specific subjects and lead them to perform an action, either purchase, subscribing, booking, and so on… 

Using email marketing campaigns is an effective and reliable way to stay in touch with your clients, build new networks and nurture new leads.

Either simple newsletter emails or more complex campaigns to guide the prospect from an initial stage to the end of the funnel journey can be powerful tools if used correctly.

Therefore, having a marketing strategy that integrates Direct Email Marketing and an effective system of lead generation (the act of subscribing by leaving personal details such as name, surname and email address in exchange of a certain service, product or benefit) is often a key factor for the success of businesses of any type and size.
DEM Direct Email Marketing
Many marketers and business owners, though, claim their emails are overlooked or marked as junk emails!

This lead inevitably to huge waste of time and money, and to ruin your domain’s reputation as a sender.

As a result, they end up having poor or null results in the next email marketing campaigns to come.

What are the secrets to prevent your emails to end up in the prospect’s spam inbox?

In which ways you can grow your audience with new subscribers?

Which tools should be used to meet your email marketing needs?


Rest assured, with Cavendish Media’s Team by your side you will be able to effectively stay in touch with your clientele!

This means to send regular updates, expand your brand’s reach to new prospective clients and gather new emails for your campaigns.

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