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Being one of the longest established independent recruitment advertising agencies, we bring to the table a wide range of experience used to find the best-qualified candidate for your vacancy, in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our goal is to provide customers with services and solutions which will help their hiring run smoothly and efficiently, whilst saving them time and money. 

It’s a popular misconception that using the services of an advertising agency must cost you more. The reality is, because of our buying power, we are able to negotiate higher levels of discount across regularly used paper based and online media, as well as for print, than would be offered to you as a standalone organisation.

Your dedicated account manager will support you throughout your job advertising process. All you need to do is supply a job description and person spec and leave the rest to us.

We offer targeted and cost effective online and offline media solutions through 5 simple steps: media research, copywriting, creative design, prompt reply and media buying.

As an alternative to the traditional advertising methods and in order to bring better results to our clients’ recruitment advertising campaign, we constantly keep up to date with new digital advertising technologies, such as:

• Pay per click (PPC), pay per applicant (PPA) or Pay-per-placement (PPP), a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay only when their ads are clicked, or a candidate submits an application, or a placement is finalised.

• Programmatic Advertising:The future of advertising, this method uses machine-to-machine communication to purchase online ads in real time, according to a set of criteria.

We create attractive online Banner ads: MPU (Messaging Plus Units), leaderboard and the skyscraper – to target the audience of a specific webpage or job board based on the users’ search intent.

Digital advertising seeks out viable candidates and targets them on various channels until the message produces the desired response – a completed job application.


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,Would you like to turn your company into an international business and open up to the world?

What better way to do so than creating a brand new website, or translating your existing one, using the language you want to target!

The world is evolving and becoming day by day more international. In this scenario, companies that have expanded their reach to the global market have surely the edge over their competitors.

Our Websites Building & Translation service enables your company to explore new horizons through the translation of your website and contents, made by experienced translators to guarantee an outstanding final result, or the building of a new website with high-quality features and details to show the best version of your company to the world.

Not only we can provide your business with a brand new website, but we can also design single landing pages, product pages or promotional pages  to meet your marketing need.

Moreover, we can help you with our Digital Marketing service to stand out from competitors and grow your business to the fullest.

What are you waiting for? Hit the global market with experts by your side!

Cavendish Media’s areas of expertise in translation and multilingual website building are the following: English, Italian, Spanish and Russian.






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Based on location and target audience, we find the most suitable and cost-effective media solutions to advertise statutory and non-statutory notices on behalf of Public bodies, law firms, individuals or private companies. These are proofread before publication to ensure accuracy and compliance with the legislation. 

At Cavendish Media you’ll find a team of editors and graphic designers at hand ready to set your notice in the most cost-efficient way. We can offer competitive rates on a comprehensive range of Public Notices, to name a few: 

• Planning Applications 

• Licence Applications and Licensing Acts 

• Invitation to tender 

• Will and Probate Notices, Missing Beneficiary Notices and Missing Will Notices 

• Corporate Insolvency Notices and Personal Insolvency Notices 

• Company Administrations and Liquidations 

• Gambling Act Notices 

• Goods Vehicle Operators Licence Notices 

• Government Contracts 

• Court Hearings 

• Trustee Act 1925 Notices 

Our service also includes media planning and media buying at advantageous rates and times, this is because we have worked hard to build relationships with important newspapers across the country, locally and nationally. 

Our approach is very direct: according to the territory you need to cover and your specific advertising needs we can advise you on what media and sizes the advertisement should be to reach the proper audience and to get the message across in a cost-effective manner.  

Send us a quotation request and a dedicated account manager will respond to your enquiries in less than 1 hour and will provide 360° assistance, including the following Free Of Charge services: 

 • Media Research 

 • Proof reading 

 • Advert set up 

 • Media Booking 

 • Publication/Advertising 

 • Digital or print voucher collection


Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

We develop campaigns to improve your Brand Reputation and Brand Awareness, get new contacts and increase your sales. Hit the market with segment-aimed organised campaigns

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The best Social Media Marketing solutions for your company.

Nowadays, Social Media are fundamental to increase a brand’s reputation, specially at an international level. Freelancers, companies and organisations use social media to advertise a product or a service. In addition to the opportunity of broadening different ads through several platforms, you will be able to reach out potential clients wherever they are. Our service will enable you to create tailored, promotional and informative targeted ads.

Knowing how to communicate is important today!

Find out how you can start a communication with your customers and increase your online exposure through our services.

Our work:

• Social Media launch and management 

• Brand Reputation and monitoring

• Social Media Marketing campaigns 

• Online advertising and exposure

We think about the strategies which fit your business and implement them. Our goal is to create a good promotional campaign aimed at encouraging the customer’s desire to choose a product not at a rational level, but at an emotional one.

 The more interesting and exciting the content is, the more it will be popular and therefore displayed.

Our Social Media Marketing strategies allow you to:

• Advertise products/services 

• Increase your Brand Awareness 

• Implement Lead Generation campaigns 

• Direct users’ traffic to website pages

Guaranteed benefits with our Social Media Marketing techniques are:

• Brand-Customer Loyalty 

• Brand Authority 

• Tailored customer service 

• Customer Satisfaction 

• Increase in sales and business network 

• Increase in the amount of users visiting the website 

• Increase of Brand Awareness

We are aware that, in order to implement an effective Social Media Marketing strategy, we must consider the market in which a company operates and which media are best suited according to each type of business. For this reason, we select the social platforms on which it is nowadays essential to have an exposure (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter).

For any social platform you can monitor and assessyour content posting success in real time. Managing your online exposure will lead your business to tangible results. 

Content Marketing

You are going to stand out from competitors with amazing high-quality professional videos and images to show the world the best of your brand

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They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and this is especially true when it comes to marketing!

Images and videos are effectively used every day to convey ideas, concepts, information and emotions to draw viewers’ attention and to lead them to perform relevant actions.

Most of the times, videos are even more effective than images. For instance, using professional video ads instead of images on platforms such as Facebook you will usually get results such as these:

2x the increase in clicks
Conversions increased by 20-30%
2-3x higher click-through rate

How to create professional video and images?

Which tools to use to get high quality and high-definition contents?

How to improve your brand’s reach and reputation using well-structured graphic contents?

With Cavendish Media’s expertise at your service you will be able to boost your business growth using:

High-quality marketing videos
High-quality marketing images
Design of graphic contents
Well-structured marketing video and images contents integrated into your marketing strategy

SEO Search Engine Optimization

We can improve your SEO to let your business be found among higher ranks in the results of search queries on the most popular search engines with organic efforts

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“Always the same story, how come that people find all my competitors on Google search but me?”

That’s simply because they have worked on their SEO!

SEO it’s still one of the most important sources of traffic for countless businesses. Could it come in handy for you too?

What are the most appropriate keywords for my market niche?

What modifications can I apply to my website to appear in the top ranks?

Does what I write, show or upload on my website affect SEO rank?

If you would like to improve your SEO but don’t know where to start, stop racking your brain about it! Tell us more about your business and let Cavendish Media’s expertise to the job at your place.

Google Ads Campaigns

We create bespoken Google Ads campaigns, either search or display ads, to boost your reach and sales. There is a reason why Google Ads is the most used marketing tool in the world

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Google Ads is the largest and most widely used online advertising network in the world, and millions of businesses use it to reach new customers and grow their business.

Advertisers who choose to use Google Ads can target users across two main networks, the search network, and the Display network. The search network refers to pay-per-click advertising, in which advertisers bid on keywords that are relevant to their business and have a chance to display their advertisements to users who enter those keywords into Google as part of a search query.

The Display network offers advertisers the option of placing visual banner-style advertisements on websites that are part of the Display network. The Google Display Network reaches approximately 90% of global internet users, a vast potential audience.

Direct Email Marketing

We enable you to reach your audience with bespoken email marketing campaigns. Find out more about one of the most powerful marketing strategies, the DEM

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Using email marketing campaigns is an effective and reliable way to stay in touch with your clients, but even to build new networks and nurture new prospect clients.

Many marketers and business owners, though, claim their emails are overlooked or marked as junk emails!

What are the secrets to prevent your emails to end up in the prospect’s spam inbox?

In which ways you can grow your audience with new subscribers?

Which tools should be used to meet your email marketing needs?

Rest assured, with Cavendish Media’s Team by your side you will be able to effectively stay in touch with your clientele, send regular updates, expand your brand’s reach to new prospective clients and gather new emails for your campaigns.

Web Marketing

Find out how your company can greatly benefit from plenty of strategies that can be developed using the potential of web marketing in the hands of true marketing experts

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Many think of web marketing as putting a few images and posts on the internet. Let us tell you though, that hoping to grow your business with web marketing without well-targeted and organized campaigns is a waste of your time!

Cavendish Media’s expertise is able to help you grow your business by leading your clients through the entire purchase process, from an initial stage of learning about your brand to the final decision to take action.

How to identify the most relevant target audience for your niche?

Which marketing tools are the most appropriate? In which combination?

How to effectively lead the prospect from A to B as smoothly as possible?

Cavendish Media’s expertise will enable your business to benefit from:

– Google AdWords campaigns
– Google Shopping campaigns
– Facebook and Instagram ads campaigns
– Email marketing campaigns
– SEM Search Engine Marketing

and much more…

We also provide websites and landing pages building service (click here to learn more) to lead your prospect through the marketing funnel, an actual learning path about your brand, in the most proper and effective way.

SEM Search Engine Marketing

The potential of tailor-made pay-per-click campaigns at your disposal. Get your products or services in front of the nose of motivated buyers, in the right place and at the right time

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Search engine marketing is the practice of marketing a business using paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages. Advertisers bid on keywords that users of services such as Google and Bing might enter when looking for certain products or services, which gives the advertiser the opportunity for their ads to appear alongside results for those search queries.

Search engine marketing’s greatest strength is that it offers advertisers the opportunity to put their ads in front of motivated customers who are ready to make a purchase. That is why search engine marketing is so effective and such an amazingly powerful way to grow your business.

You may be wondering what the difference between SEM and SEO is.

Apart some exceptions, over time the definition of SEM moved towards a meaning of search engine advertising, essentially paid ads, with organic efforts (improvements to your website in the attempt to rank it in the first results of a search query) falling pretty much exclusively under the SEO umbrella.

SEMs will usually begin a campaign with comprehensive keyword research and competitor insights to create targeted campaigns that place their products and services in front of a target audience.

These campaigns include:
• Search Ads (text ads)
• Shopping Ads
• Display Ads
• Gmail Ads
• YouTube Ads

These are all different formats available within Google Ads.

When users search for specific terms that the advertiser is running ads against, they will see a custom ad or a shopping ad. Every time the ad is clicked, the business pays for this.

While both using SEO and SEM you are going to boost your website’s visibility, working just on the SEO takes usually much more time and you are going to wait a while before noticing the first results. On the other hand, it is true that SEM is a paid advertising type but it is also true that results are much faster and you are always in control of your campaigns.

Cavendish Media’s team is here to guide you in the SEM world to select the proper features and audience for your campaigns, managing your ads according to yours and the audience’s feedback and to help you let your sales take off the ground!

Google Shopping Campaigns

We launch bespoken Google Shopping campaigns to promote your e-commerce globally. Show your products online right to your specific market niche

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Are you aiming at boosting the sales of your e-commerce website? If so, Google Shopping is one of the options suited for your business.

While Google Shopping isn’t technically an online marketplace, actually more a “branch” platform of Google Ads, it provides shoppers the same opportunity to browse a variety of products based on their search query. Google Shopping also benefits retailers because, when a shopper clicks on a product link, they’re sent back to the retailer’s site to make the purchase.

In short, it displays your product information to shoppers and it does this as part of a standard google search, or when shoppers use the Google shopping tab.

A Google Shopping campaign is a great way to increase the visibility of your business, generate new leads, and allow customers to easily search for products and compare them for price and specs.

So, what goes into a Google Shopping ad (or Product Listing Ads as they’re officially known)? They include images of your products, as well as regularly updated prices, sales, offers, and other data.

Cavendish Media’s team can help you in all the steps of a Google Shopping campaign, from setting up a Google Merchant Center account to the selection of the right audience and the start of the campaign.

Optimizing the product images using best practices is also an important to make sure your contents are well visible and stand out in the page in which are displayed.

Finally, we will help you to set up remarketing campaigns for whoever visited your e-commerce or left your shopping cart without purchasing, exponentially increasing the chances you have to generate sales. 

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