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Not satisfied with the results of your campaigns? So don’t wait any longer and use these top 5 marketing strategies that work for real!

We have already talked about Best Online Marketing Strategies in 2021 in an article, today though we will be adding precious information for your marketing campaigns.

There are plenty of strategies you may use in your marketing but these 5 are definitely part of the top marketing strategies that work. Yes, you do have to use them in 2021, most probably though they will convert in 2022 too! The article is worth reading, trust us.

top marketing strategies that work

Marketing strategy that work n.1:


This is certainly one of Cavendish’s team favourites! Everyone knows Facebook unless you live in a cave or among the Hadzabe in Tanzania who still hunt their food with arches and arrows… But we doubt that.

Certainly, many of you also know how to publish an ad on Facebook, and some of you how to retarget the same audience using Facebook Pixel. Well, whether you know this stuff or not, a remarketing campaign on multiple levels is something you don’t want to lose!

To clarify, the idea is to let your prospect see the first ad and then, if he doesn’t conclude a purchase, show him a second and a third ad. Each ad has a different goal and our suggestion is to use video ads only as they perform better compared to image-based ads.


1st STEP

Link the pixel to your website (you can follow these instructions here), then create the first ad with the goal to generally inform people about your business. The ad has to be necessarily a click-based ad that leads to your website. There is no need to be that specific, this is just the beginning.


2nd STEP

Let your first ad run for enough time to reach at least a few hundred clicks, then create a new audience based on people who lately have visited your website (I recommend 30 days, find out how to do it here). After that, launch the next click-to-website ad that leads straight to a landing page, which is NOT the same as before!

Moreover, you may use this ad to offer a small discount, to ask undecided prospects to get in touch or to be more specific in the details of a particular product or service. The latter though will probably restrict the number of clicks to the visitors interested in that proposal, which is not always a bad thing.


3rd STEP

Similarly, let your 1st and 2nd ad run for a while longer and then create an audience of people who visited the landing page of the second step. This is to let the same person reach the 3rd ad after having viewed the 2nd.

After that, the time has come to come out with a special offer! For instance, something for free or an attractive discount valid only for a limited time! The aim is to lure those who still are undecided to proceed with the purchase.



If you want to use the same landing page for each step, you may do so by cloning the page. Thus, clients will see an identical copy while you still will be able to use two different URLs to create two different audiences.


Marketing strategy that work n.2:


This is still one of the milestones of the marketing strategies that work, if you want to do things seriously you must implement a mailing list!


The easiest way to get subscribers for your mailing list is to create a form on your website. To do that, you may use a pop-up form that jumps out while scrolling down the page, after a few seconds or with the intent of leaving the website. You can either use MailchimpGetsitecontrol, or other form-builders to do the job.



After having gathered contacts, all you have to do is nurture your leads by sending regular messages. Decide for yourself the frequency, it may be daily or once a week.

However, If sending daily messages is leading people to unsubscribe from your newsletter you might consider reducing the number of emails.



In addition, consider using text-only emails to increase the chances your emails have to be delivered to the main inbox instead of ending up in the spam.


Marketing strategy that work n. 3:


LinkedIn boasts a network of 756 million users and 57 million businesses and it is definitely worth the evaluation of being part of your marketing strategy.

Maybe you already have an account but the only thing you actually did is completing your profile. That’s a good start! But there’s much more…


Create connections and followers

One of the things you cannot miss to do is connecting to other profiles to expand your network, you can also reply and interact with other posts and discussions to gain visibility.

Moreover, you can create a group to talk about topics related to a specific niche… Yes, LinkedIn does have groups too! In short, These are slow but effective ways to build an organic audience.


Send InMail messages

If you want to try out something faster, try to use InMail messages. These are actual messages to private profiles in which you can present yourself and your business. You may try this service with a free trial but, to tell you the truth, after that it becomes quite expensive!


Marketing strategy that work n. 4:


Did you know that if you create a YouTube channel you can personalize the homepage with cover pictures and logos, or put a watermark on your videos?

With more than 1 billion videos watched every single day, YouTube is probably the faster way to grow your business if you’re able to put up some nice videos! (If you’re thinking you are not suited to make videos… read this!).

Certainly, there are people who are making clients using YouTube using a phone camera (not even the best kind…) without spending a pound! However, if you want to boost your sales you can also use paid ads on YouTube through your Google Ads account.

Marketing strategy that work n. 5:


A Vlog is a blog made with video posts only. Just like a classic blog, a Vlog has topics to discuss and regular updates, however, it has nothing written down!

People like videos and are definitely more prone to watch a video that talks about something they have to do or they are interested in instead of reading an entire article. So, get a good camera, some topics to talk about and get out there!

In addition, You can also export your videos on other platforms, keep in mind though that holding a Vlog is not just uploading some videos, there’s YouTube, TikTok or other platforms to do that job. Don’t forget that people want to hear from you to learn something new. Thus, post regularly, don’t be boring and smile!


We hope you have enjoyed reading the article with useful marketing strategies that work ready to be implemented in your marketing. Give them a try and let us know in the comments!

If you would like our team of marketing professionals to help you out reaching your company’s goals do not hesitate to get in touch.

Cavendish Media’s team