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Is lead generation without marketing skills or knowledge even possible? YES it is, just by using these 3 simple tools! Are you ready to get new clients onboard for your business and generate new sales? So, enjoy reading this article.


aren’t really a geek when it comes to digital marketing..

would like to find new and simple ways to get new clients…

know how to handle brand new cold leads….

Well, you are on the right page! This article has been written for you.

Certainly, nowadays there are countless strategies one may adopt to get more customers on board, some of them quite complex and elaborate. Sometimes though, simple things are the key to success for many businesses.

Thus, let’s go through 3 simple but effective ways anyone can use to generate new leads.

lead generation without marketing skills or knowledgeLEAD GENERATION WITHOUT MARKETING SKILLS:


Apollo.io is a platform that combines lead generation, email automation and CRM features together to offer an outstanding tool to boost the sales of any business that handles B2B customers.

Apollo gives you access to a deep database of over 175+ million contacts working at over 10 million companies from which you may get verified emails with guaranteed 95% deliverability or direct phone numbers in a matter of seconds!

Find the right contacts among all the ones in the database is simple thanks to plenty of filters that may be used to select profiles according to:

  • sector
  • job title
  • geographic location
  • number of employees
  • specific keywords they used in their business name, SEO description or website
  • and much more…

Moreover, thanks to the email automation features you can easily set up automatic sequences to deliver emails to a list of leads you have previously retrieved from Apollo’s database or uploaded yourself using a spreadsheet.

In addition, Apollo gives you 50 free email credits per month to try out the platform at zero costs which is really amazing!


For example, let’s pretend you are the director of a company and you find an email in your main inbox which doesn’t seem to be the usual spammy email.

Thus, you decide to open the email and you immediately understand it is a commercial proposal. However, the product/service seems to be quite suited and you decide not to cancel the email.

A few days later you find another email in your main inbox from the same kind person who gently asks you to reply with a feedback regarding his previous email, appreciating the time you may spend to do that with your hectic schedule.

You clearly see the “RE:” in the subject and the old email forwarded in the same thread, that is why you think there is a real person behind that message and you decide to find a couple of minutes to reply.

Let’s come back to us. Did you get what is the real potential of this system?

In other words, Apollo’s sequence can send more emails in a row letting the prospect believe there is a real person behind using the reply on the same thread feature.

Furthermore, since Apollo allows you to use only reputable email providers (Gmail, G Suite and Outlook) and you can set daily limits and time delay between emails up to 90 seconds most of the emails will be avoiding spam filters!

By the way, read this post to learn more tricks to let your emails hit the main inbox instead of the spam!

Definitely worth the trial and first of our least of tools for lead generation without marketing skills or knowledge.



In the same vein, especially if your business operates in the technology sector, the Content Syndication provided by Pure B2B may be an effective way to improve your exposure to the market and generate more B2B leads

It’s good for a company to keep on posting on its blog or your social media accounts but there’s no guarantee that your content will be seen or heard on a wider scale.

Certainly, improving the SEO might be helpful to generate more traffic and potential leads. However, if you integrate your content strategy with content syndication, you’ll improve your online presence and visibility with ease!

In short, content syndication is the process of republishing your content on third-party sites.

By doing so, you can actually get your content in front of thousands of online users!



Did you know that Facebook has a lead generation ad type?

Especially if you are dealing with consumers, Facebook gives you access to a massive database with plenty of filters to get straight to your market niche. Moreover, everyone can definitely use the function lead generation without marketing skills or knowledge.

At the moment you can only use the lead generation ad type if you are using a pc.

In short, what you have to do is just to go to your Facebook Business Manager and start a new campaign from scratch, then pick Lead Generation as campaign objective.

After that, you need to set up a form that people fill in to receive some information. Don’t make things too difficult though!

Two to four input field are usually enough to retrieve enough information from the prospect to be able to get back to your leads and let you do the rest of the work!

We hope you have enjoyed this article over 3 ways to improve your lead generation without marketing skills! If you would like a team of marketing experts to generate new clients for your business, just get in touch and we’ll be glad to help you out!

Cavendish Media’s Team