Web Design

A company’s website is like it's business card. Not only is it important to have its own website, but it needs to be well-structured in order to be effective.

A website which is correctly structured and analysed at a technical level, as well as in terms of contents, will convey greater professionalism. Moreover, it will enable you to gain wider exposure on national and international search engines, reaching out millions of users worldwide.

For this reason, a good website must know how to convey and reproduce your company’s essence and features at their best.

At Cavendish Media we realise websites ensuring the highest graphic quality, attention to contents, usability and innovation in order to enhance every product, service or brand.

Once we receive a service request, our M.O. is the following: 

We analyse your needs: one of our consultants will get in touch with you to understand your needs and work out the solution that best fits you. Secondly, you will be given instructions and tools in order for you to provide us with contents, pics and any detail you would like to include in your website. An Account Manager will be your point of contact along the whole website realization process.

We develop the project: you will be submitted a draft. Once we have your approval, it will be the starting point of our work. A team of professionals will be responsible for the realization of your website. We will provide you with the finished product in order to have a feedback from you and to proceed with the final adjustments.

Translation: Our experienced multilingual translators will be responsible for the translation of your website’s contents. In this way your website will be more accessible for potential international clients.