Hello Instagram lovers! Ready for some inspiration? 

Let’s do this. 

This blog post post is for you if you don’t know where to start, how to plan our feed and how to achieve a consistent theme, or you just if you need inspiration because you want to change your Instagram feed.

1. Determine Your Instagram Aesthetic

A unique and cohesive Instagram aesthetic is not just visually pleasing, but can greatly improve brand recognition and business success. It will convey your brand’s voice, personality, and help your followers instantly recognize your content when it appears on the feed.

While this all sounds great in theory, actually creating a successful Instagram aesthetic can feel like a vague undertaking. We’re here to help.

Step 1. Establish your brand

Without clicking on a single post, your Instagram aesthetic gives your audience a sense of who you are and what makes your brand stand out. This makes defining your brand a crucial first step.

Here’s a list of questions to help guide you through this process:

Who is your target audience?

What are your core values? 

What’s your vibe?  

Step 2. Take color seriously

Color is the single most important thing when it comes to creating a unique Instagram aesthetic for your brand.

Research finds that color influences consumer buying decisions by around 85%. Not only that, but color increases brand recognition by 80%. Making the right color decisions for your Instagram posts can actually impact your bottom line.

Make sure your brand colors help shape your overall brand voice!

Step 3. Discover the power of editing

The easiest way to ensure your Instagram aesthetic is consistent is by editing your photos with presets. Instagram presets are premade filters you can apply to your photos using an editing program like Adobe Lightroom. You’ll no longer have to fiddle around for hours trying to remember exactly how much brightness you usually add to your photos.

Step 4. Plan, plan, plan

Planning out your Instagram feed could actually save you time, not to mention enhance your overall aesthetic. You’ll be able to tell where you need another hit of your brand’s dominant color, and where you could stand to add a lighter hued photo to the mix.

Step 5. Don’t just stop at your feed

Once you’ve established your Instagram aesthetic, create a style guide so you have something to refer to when creating Stories content. It will also help anyone else who posts on your account in the future align with your look and tone. 

Got any Instagram feed ideas? Let us know in the comments down below!  

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