Cavendish Media is here to help! 

We are totally aware that the Coronavirus has hit global businesses hard, spreading its effects on the recruitment industry as well, bringing it to its knees.

 Anyway, this is a good opportunity to think about how we can help businesses and organisations that are in need in this particular situation. 

Front-line organisations providing health and social care, retirement communities, delivering essential goods and services, pharmaceutical research, public safety and national security, emergency transport services, development firms and others, during this global crisis, need to hire key workers quickly and in a massive way. 

The most evident case can be found in the NHS system: many employees have been infected by the virus and are now in isolation, putting a big pressure on those who are still working to cope with the emergency. 

The recruitment advertising community is here to help: Cavendish Media wants to support these sectors and provide them with a service that allows to connect with talented potential staff. 

It’s now fundamental to spot the right person for the right position and enable these organisations to face the crisis and ease their struggle. 

Specially critical roles need to be filled fast, and delegating the recruitment advertising process to our agency can be a big help. 

We would like to offer our services for free to help you find the people you need. 

If your organisation is struggling with recruitment advertising due to COVID-19 crisis, contact us at this link: http://cavendishmedia.com/contact/ 

We can fight this together! 

The Cavendish Media team