We live in weird times. The pandemic has basically changed the world as we knew it just one year and a half ago. The world of business and advertising is no exception.

Day after day, the entire economic society is undergoing a process of globalization and digitalization, trying to cope with this climate of general changes.

In this scenario, the majority of small and medium enterprises have switched to online sales and e-commerce, while the bigger ones are striving to improve the existing online strategies or to implement new channels of communication to reach the audience.

That is why we should be taking advantage of these 3 important marketing strategies to grow our business in 2021.

What!?... You aren’t using them yet? Hurry up!


Whether you are selling a product or promoting a service, people need to pass through a learning phase to understand what are the pros of choosing us in place of other competitors. Especially if your sector is related to training of any kind, for consumers or businesses, or if you wish to involve new prospects or existing clients in an appealing way, organizing free-to-join video conferences may have an outstanding impact on your business!

Are you selling training courses or seminars? Give them a short one for free to test them out. Do you sell products? Organize regular meetings to talk about benefits, ways to use your products, or simply to answer people’s questions!

Platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet are amazing tools for this job! Are your clients on a certain social network? Try to use it to organize live events. For instance, Facebook has recently come out with Facebook Rooms, which allows you to hold a meeting in a “zoom style” allowing anyone to join with a simple click on a button or link!


Video-making platforms are more important than ever. See it for yourself, create an ad with a simple image and a similar ad with a video with the same image as a cover. You will see that the video will get at least 40% more clicks than the image!

Platforms such as Canva or Vimeo are great to create simple videos contents to engage your audience effectively.
TikTok, for example, binds a video-making platform with great features to a social network, and it might turn out for you to be a good way to explore new markets.


If your aim is to sell products and you are still doing so through physical stores… Well, it’s time to start selling online too!

Platforms like Shopify or Wix enable you to create your own e-commerce website and starting to sell online right away. Talking about recent implemented options in Facebook, last year introduced Facebook Shops enabling businesses to create online stores, accessible on both Facebook and Instagram, to set up and personalize with ease. This means any seller, no matter the size or budget, can bring their business online and connect with customers.